England - Premier League betting performance history

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Date Fixture Selection Odds
2024-05-19Chelsea vs BournemouthBTTS No3.19
2024-05-19Chelsea vs BournemouthU 2.5 Goals4.05
2024-05-19Liverpool vs WolvesU 3.5 Goals2.63
2024-05-19Brentford vs NewcastleBTTS No3.25
2024-05-19Arsenal vs EvertonAway20.0
2024-05-19Arsenal vs EvertonU 3.5 Goals1.96
2024-05-19Burnley vs NottinghamBTTS No2.88
2024-05-19Manchester City vs West HamU 3.5 Goals2.74
2024-05-19Sheffield Utd vs TottenhamBTTS No3.1
2024-05-19Crystal Palace vs Aston VillaAway4.0
2024-05-19Crystal Palace vs Aston VillaBTTS No3.02
2024-05-19Luton vs FulhamBTTS No3.1
2024-05-19Brighton vs Manchester UtdBTTS No3.5
2024-05-19Brighton vs Manchester UtdU 3.5 Goals2.08
2024-05-15Manchester Utd vs NewcastleBTTS No3.55
2024-05-15Manchester Utd vs NewcastleU 2.5 Goals3.55
2024-05-15Brighton vs ChelseaBTTS No3.17
2024-05-14Tottenham vs Manchester CityBTTS No2.88
2024-05-14Tottenham vs Manchester CityHome7.1
2024-05-13Aston Villa vs LiverpoolBTTS No3.25
2024-05-13Aston Villa vs LiverpoolHome4.3
2024-05-12Manchester Utd vs ArsenalHome7.8
2024-05-11Tottenham vs BurnleyBTTS No3.1
2024-05-11Tottenham vs BurnleyU 3.5 Goals2.38
2024-05-11Bournemouth vs BrentfordBTTS No2.78
2024-05-11Fulham vs Manchester CityDraw7.31
2024-05-11Newcastle vs BrightonAway5.1
2024-05-11Newcastle vs BrightonBTTS No3.1
2024-05-11Wolves vs Crystal PalaceAway2.53
2024-05-11Nottingham vs ChelseaBTTS No2.86
2024-05-11Everton vs Sheffield UtdO 3.5 Goals2.43
2024-05-06Crystal Palace vs Manchester UtdBTTS No2.83
2024-05-05Brighton vs Aston VillaBTTS No3.0
2024-05-04Sheffield Utd vs NottinghamO 3.5 Goals2.52
2024-05-04Manchester City vs WolvesBTTS Yes2.42
2024-05-04Manchester City vs WolvesU 3.5 Goals2.14
2024-05-04Burnley vs NewcastleBTTS No2.82
2024-05-02Chelsea vs TottenhamBTTS No3.5
2024-04-25Brighton vs Manchester CityDraw5.25
2024-04-24Everton vs LiverpoolHome7.51
2024-04-24Everton vs LiverpoolU 2.5 Goals2.74
2024-04-23Arsenal vs ChelseaBTTS No2.45
2024-04-20Sheffield Utd vs BurnleyBTTS No2.55
2024-04-20Luton vs BrentfordHome3.33
2024-04-15Chelsea vs EvertonBTTS No2.54
2024-04-13Burnley vs BrightonBTTS No2.55
2024-04-13Manchester City vs LutonAway35.0
2024-04-13Manchester City vs LutonBTTS Yes2.23
2024-04-13Manchester City vs LutonU 3.5 Goals2.25
2024-04-13Bournemouth vs Manchester UtdBTTS No3.1
2024-04-07Tottenham vs NottinghamU 2.5 Goals3.0
2024-04-07Manchester Utd vs LiverpoolBTTS No3.1
2024-04-07Manchester Utd vs LiverpoolHome5.0
2024-04-06Luton vs BournemouthHome3.85
2024-04-06Fulham vs NewcastleBTTS No3.0
2024-04-04Chelsea vs Manchester UtdBTTS No3.05
2024-04-04Liverpool vs Sheffield UtdBTTS Yes2.12
2024-04-03Brentford vs BrightonBTTS No2.7
2024-04-03Arsenal vs LutonU 3.5 Goals2.3
2024-04-03Manchester City vs Aston VillaU 2.5 Goals3.0
2024-04-02Newcastle vs EvertonBTTS No2.55
2024-04-02West Ham vs TottenhamBTTS No3.12
2024-03-31Liverpool vs BrightonAway8.5
2024-03-30Newcastle vs West HamAway4.11
2024-03-30Newcastle vs West HamBTTS No2.64
2024-03-30Brentford vs Manchester UtdBTTS No2.75
2024-03-30Brentford vs Manchester UtdHome3.19
2024-03-17West Ham vs Aston VillaBTTS No2.79
2024-03-16Burnley vs BrentfordHome3.4
2024-03-16Fulham vs TottenhamBTTS No2.78
2024-03-11Chelsea vs NewcastleBTTS No2.89
2024-03-10Liverpool vs Manchester CityAway2.34
2024-03-10Liverpool vs Manchester CityBTTS No2.88
2024-03-10Aston Villa vs TottenhamBTTS No3.4
2024-03-09Crystal Palace vs LutonO 2.5 Goals1.9
2024-03-09Manchester Utd vs EvertonAway4.35
2024-03-04Sheffield Utd vs ArsenalAway1.19
2024-03-02Everton vs West HamAway3.8
2024-03-02Nottingham vs LiverpoolAway1.58
2024-03-02Newcastle vs WolvesAway4.04
2024-03-02Tottenham vs Crystal PalaceAway7.0
2024-03-02Fulham vs BrightonBTTS No2.63
2024-02-26West Ham vs BrentfordBTTS No2.5
2024-02-24Bournemouth vs Manchester CityHome7.5
2024-02-24Crystal Palace vs BurnleyO 3.5 Goals4.0
2024-02-24Arsenal vs NewcastleBTTS No2.2
2024-02-18Luton vs Manchester UtdHome4.39
2024-02-17Fulham vs Aston VillaBTTS No2.63
2024-02-17Burnley vs ArsenalHome10.0
2024-02-17Newcastle vs BournemouthAway4.03
2024-02-17Brentford vs LiverpoolHome5.5
2024-02-11Aston Villa vs Manchester UtdBTTS No2.7
2024-02-11West Ham vs ArsenalHome6.4
2024-02-10Manchester City vs EvertonAway16.0
2024-02-10Manchester City vs EvertonU 1.5 Goals7.0
2024-02-10Tottenham vs BrightonBTTS No3.02
2024-02-05Brentford vs Manchester CityAway1.45
2024-02-04Manchester Utd vs West HamAway5.4
2024-02-04Arsenal vs LiverpoolBTTS No2.55
2024-02-03Everton vs TottenhamBTTS No2.63
2024-02-03Sheffield Utd vs Aston VillaHome5.55
2024-02-01West Ham vs BournemouthBTTS No2.6
2024-01-31Tottenham vs BrentfordAway5.0
2024-01-31Liverpool vs ChelseaBTTS No2.52
2024-01-30Nottingham vs ArsenalHome8.5
2024-01-30Crystal Palace vs Sheffield UtdHome1.72
2024-01-30Fulham vs EvertonAway3.1
2024-01-30Luton vs BrightonHome5.0
2024-01-30Aston Villa vs NewcastleBTTS No2.7
2024-01-21Bournemouth vs LiverpoolHome4.5
2024-01-14Manchester Utd vs TottenhamBTTS No3.1
2024-01-13Newcastle vs Manchester CityHome6.25
2024-01-12Burnley vs LutonAway4.05
2024-01-02West Ham vs BrightonBTTS No2.62
2024-01-01Liverpool vs NewcastleHome1.51
2023-12-31Tottenham vs BournemouthBTTS No2.99
2023-12-30Crystal Palace vs BrentfordDraw3.48
2023-12-30Manchester City vs Sheffield UtdBTTS Yes2.8
2023-12-30Luton vs ChelseaHome6.5
2023-12-30Nottingham vs Manchester UtdBTTS No2.38
2023-12-28Brighton vs TottenhamBTTS No2.97
2023-12-26Manchester Utd vs Aston VillaAway2.75
2023-12-26Manchester Utd vs Aston VillaBTTS No2.64
2023-12-24Wolves vs ChelseaHome3.89
2023-12-23Tottenham vs EvertonAway4.4
2023-12-23Tottenham vs EvertonBTTS No2.55
2023-12-23West Ham vs Manchester UtdAway2.7
2023-12-23West Ham vs Manchester UtdBTTS No2.55
2023-12-23West Ham vs Manchester UtdU 1.5 Goals4.5
2023-12-23Nottingham vs BournemouthAway2.65
2023-12-23Luton vs NewcastleHome5.32
2023-12-22Aston Villa vs Sheffield UtdHome1.24
2023-12-17Liverpool vs Manchester UtdBTTS No2.38
2023-12-17Liverpool vs Manchester UtdHome1.42
2023-12-17West Ham vs WolvesHome2.27
2023-12-16Newcastle vs FulhamAway4.3
2023-12-15Nottingham vs TottenhamHome4.9
2023-12-10Everton vs ChelseaBTTS No2.45
2023-12-10Everton vs ChelseaHome3.2
2023-12-10Fulham vs West HamAway3.1
2023-12-10Luton vs Manchester CityBTTS Yes2.29
2023-12-10Tottenham vs NewcastleAway3.4
2023-12-10Tottenham vs NewcastleBTTS No2.76
2023-12-09Crystal Palace vs LiverpoolHome6.1
2023-12-09Aston Villa vs ArsenalHome3.54
2023-12-09Manchester Utd vs BournemouthAway5.8
2023-12-06Sheffield Utd vs LiverpoolHome14.6
2023-12-06Brighton vs BrentfordAway3.9
2023-12-06Manchester Utd vs ChelseaHome2.93
2023-12-05Luton vs ArsenalHome15.0
2023-12-02Newcastle vs Manchester UtdAway4.1
2023-12-02Burnley vs Sheffield UtdAway4.7
2023-12-02Arsenal vs WolvesHome1.31
2023-11-26Tottenham vs Aston VillaBTTS No2.9
2023-11-25Manchester City vs LiverpoolAway4.6
2023-11-25Brentford vs ArsenalHome5.0
2023-11-25Newcastle vs ChelseaBTTS No2.3
2023-11-12Liverpool vs BrentfordU 2.5 Goals2.91
2023-11-12Chelsea vs Manchester CityHome5.7
2023-11-11Bournemouth vs NewcastleHome5.0
2023-11-06Tottenham vs ChelseaBTTS No2.55
2023-11-04Burnley vs Crystal PalaceO 2.5 Goals2.3
2023-11-04Fulham vs Manchester UtdAway2.25
2023-11-04Manchester City vs BournemouthBTTS Yes2.43
2023-11-04Manchester City vs BournemouthHome1.1
2023-11-04Brentford vs West HamAway3.62
2023-11-04Newcastle vs ArsenalBTTS No2.2
2023-10-29Brighton vs FulhamAway6.0
2023-10-29Aston Villa vs LutonU 2.5 Goals2.81
2023-10-29Manchester Utd vs Manchester CityHome5.5
2023-10-27Crystal Palace vs TottenhamBTTS No2.2
2023-10-27Crystal Palace vs TottenhamHome4.6
2023-10-21Sheffield Utd vs Manchester UtdHome7.6
2023-10-21Chelsea vs ArsenalU 1.5 Goals3.75
2023-09-30Tottenham vs LiverpoolBTTS No3.13
2023-09-30Wolves vs Manchester CityHome10.0
2023-09-30Wolves vs Manchester CityU 2.5 Goals2.6
2023-09-30Bournemouth vs ArsenalHome6.25
2023-09-24Sheffield Utd vs NewcastleHome7.1
2023-09-24Brighton vs BournemouthAway7.5
2023-09-24Brighton vs BournemouthBTTS No2.63
2023-09-23Manchester City vs NottinghamBTTS Yes2.3
2023-09-23Burnley vs Manchester UtdHome4.4
2023-09-16Wolves vs LiverpoolBTTS No2.38
2023-09-16Wolves vs LiverpoolHome7.1
2023-09-16West Ham vs Manchester CityHome7.5
2023-09-03Arsenal vs Manchester UtdAway4.9
2023-09-03Arsenal vs Manchester UtdBTTS No2.63
2023-09-03Liverpool vs Aston VillaBTTS No2.81
2023-09-02Brighton vs NewcastleBTTS No3.03
2023-08-27Sheffield Utd vs Manchester CityBTTS Yes2.6
2023-08-27Sheffield Utd vs Manchester CityHome20.0
2023-08-27Sheffield Utd vs Manchester CityU 3.5 Goals1.62
2023-08-27Burnley vs Aston VillaHome3.41
2023-08-27Newcastle vs LiverpoolBTTS No2.9
2023-08-25Chelsea vs LutonDraw7.0
2023-08-25Chelsea vs LutonU 2.5 Goals2.63
2023-08-21Crystal Palace vs ArsenalHome6.0
2023-08-20West Ham vs ChelseaHome3.7
2023-08-19Wolves vs BrightonBTTS No2.3
2023-08-18Nottingham vs Sheffield UtdAway4.9
2023-08-14Manchester Utd vs WolvesHome1.33
2023-08-14Manchester Utd vs WolvesU 1.5 Goals5.0
2023-08-13Chelsea vs LiverpoolAway2.45
2023-08-13Chelsea vs LiverpoolBTTS No2.7
2023-08-13Chelsea vs LiverpoolU 2.5 Goals2.49
2023-08-12Brighton vs LutonU 2.5 Goals2.4
2023-08-12Newcastle vs Aston VillaAway4.9
2023-08-12Bournemouth vs West HamAway2.75
2023-08-11Burnley vs Manchester CityHome10.9
2023-05-28Manchester Utd vs FulhamBTTS No2.55
2023-05-28Leeds vs TottenhamBTTS No2.88
2023-05-28Everton vs BournemouthAway7.0
2023-05-28Brentford vs Manchester CityBTTS No2.55
2023-05-28Brentford vs Manchester CityHome4.5
2023-05-28Chelsea vs NewcastleBTTS No2.55
2023-05-28Leicester vs West HamBTTS No2.45
2023-05-28Aston Villa vs BrightonBTTS No2.7
2023-05-28Southampton vs LiverpoolBTTS No2.63
2023-05-28Southampton vs LiverpoolHome7.0
2023-05-28Southampton vs LiverpoolU 2.5 Goals3.2
2023-05-25Manchester Utd vs ChelseaBTTS No2.4
2023-05-24Brighton vs Manchester CityBTTS No2.75
2023-05-24Brighton vs Manchester CityU 1.5 Goals5.75
2023-05-22Newcastle vs LeicesterHome1.4
2023-05-21Brighton vs SouthamptonAway13.5
2023-05-21Manchester City vs ChelseaHome1.28
2023-05-21Manchester City vs ChelseaO 3.5 Goals2.43
2023-05-20Liverpool vs Aston VillaAway6.5
2023-05-20Liverpool vs Aston VillaBTTS No2.3
2023-05-20Bournemouth vs Manchester UtdHome6.5
2023-05-20Nottingham vs ArsenalHome5.75
2023-05-18Newcastle vs BrightonBTTS No2.53
2023-05-15Leicester vs LiverpoolHome5.65
2023-05-14Everton vs Manchester CityDraw5.6
2023-05-13Aston Villa vs TottenhamBTTS No2.45
2023-05-13Leeds vs NewcastleHome5.0
2023-05-07Newcastle vs ArsenalBTTS No2.63
2023-05-06Bournemouth vs ChelseaBTTS No2.15
2023-05-06Bournemouth vs ChelseaHome3.7
2023-05-06Tottenham vs Crystal PalaceAway4.4
2023-05-06Manchester City vs LeedsHome1.18
2023-05-04Brighton vs Manchester UtdBTTS No2.7
2023-04-30Manchester Utd vs Aston VillaBTTS No2.38
2023-04-30Fulham vs Manchester CityDraw6.7
2023-04-27Tottenham vs Manchester UtdBTTS No2.6
2023-04-26West Ham vs LiverpoolHome4.16
2023-04-17Leeds vs LiverpoolBTTS No2.55
2023-04-17Leeds vs LiverpoolHome4.65
2023-04-15Chelsea vs BrightonBTTS No2.2
2023-04-09Liverpool vs ArsenalBTTS No2.5
2023-04-09Liverpool vs ArsenalU 1.5 Goals4.8
2023-04-08Southampton vs Manchester CityHome13.5
2023-04-04Leicester vs Aston VillaAway2.95
2023-04-04Bournemouth vs BrightonHome6.5
2023-04-04Chelsea vs LiverpoolBTTS No2.38
2023-04-02West Ham vs SouthamptonAway5.3
2023-04-01Brighton vs BrentfordBTTS No2.15
2023-04-01Arsenal vs LeedsHome1.33
2023-04-01Manchester City vs LiverpoolBTTS No2.25
2023-03-18Brentford vs LeicesterAway4.0
2023-03-12Manchester Utd vs SouthamptonAway10.0
2023-03-12Fulham vs ArsenalHome6.0
2023-03-11Tottenham vs NottinghamAway8.5
2023-03-11Bournemouth vs LiverpoolHome7.3
2023-03-11Leeds vs BrightonU 1.5 Goals3.9
2023-03-05Liverpool vs Manchester UtdAway2.97
2023-03-05Liverpool vs Manchester UtdBTTS No2.6
2023-03-01Liverpool vs WolvesAway7.0
2023-03-01Arsenal vs EvertonHome1.39
2023-02-25Bournemouth vs Manchester CityHome11.0
2023-02-25Leeds vs SouthamptonAway4.0
2023-02-19Manchester Utd vs LeicesterAway5.35
2023-02-19Manchester Utd vs LeicesterBTTS No2.3
2023-02-19Tottenham vs West HamAway4.8
2023-02-18Newcastle vs LiverpoolBTTS No2.4
2023-02-18Nottingham vs Manchester CityHome11.0
2023-02-12Manchester City vs Aston VillaAway13.0
2023-02-12Manchester City vs Aston VillaBTTS Yes2.15
2023-02-11Leicester vs TottenhamBTTS No2.4
2023-02-11Bournemouth vs NewcastleHome6.75
2023-02-08Manchester Utd vs LeedsHome1.52
2023-02-05Tottenham vs Manchester CityHome4.65
2023-02-04Everton vs ArsenalHome8.7
2023-02-04Aston Villa vs LeicesterAway3.95
2023-01-22Leeds vs BrentfordAway2.99
2023-01-22Manchester City vs WolvesAway17.5
2023-01-21Crystal Palace vs NewcastleU 1.5 Goals3.25
2023-01-19Manchester City vs TottenhamAway9.2
2023-01-15Newcastle vs FulhamU 1.5 Goals4.5
2023-01-15Tottenham vs ArsenalBTTS No2.41
2023-01-14Manchester Utd vs Manchester CityBTTS No2.38
2023-01-14Manchester Utd vs Manchester CityHome4.36
2023-01-14Brighton vs LiverpoolHome3.45
2023-01-05Chelsea vs Manchester CityHome5.75
2023-01-04Leeds vs West HamAway2.82
2023-01-03Leicester vs FulhamBTTS No2.4
2023-01-03Arsenal vs NewcastleBTTS No2.2
2023-01-02Brentford vs LiverpoolHome6.1
2023-01-01Nottingham vs ChelseaHome5.69
2022-12-31Newcastle vs LeedsU 1.5 Goals4.8
2022-12-31Manchester City vs EvertonHome1.17
2022-12-30West Ham vs BrentfordAway3.78
2022-12-28Leeds vs Manchester CityHome10.0
2022-12-27Manchester Utd vs NottinghamAway11.5
2022-12-27Chelsea vs BournemouthAway10.0
2022-12-26Leicester vs NewcastleBTTS No2.25
2022-11-13Fulham vs Manchester UtdHome4.11
2022-11-12Manchester City vs BrentfordAway23.0
2022-11-12Liverpool vs SouthamptonU 3.5 Goals1.92
2022-11-12Tottenham vs LeedsAway5.55
2022-11-06Aston Villa vs Manchester UtdAway2.24
2022-11-05Manchester City vs FulhamAway23.0
2022-11-05Manchester City vs FulhamO 3.5 Goals1.78
2022-10-30Arsenal vs NottinghamU 1.5 Goals5.75
2022-10-30Manchester Utd vs West HamAway5.14
2022-10-30Manchester Utd vs West HamU 2.5 Goals2.06
2022-10-29Liverpool vs LeedsBTTS No2.38
2022-10-29Fulham vs EvertonAway3.21
2022-10-29Bournemouth vs TottenhamHome5.22
2022-10-29Leicester vs Manchester CityHome11.0
2022-10-24West Ham vs BournemouthO 3.5 Goals3.7
2022-10-23Wolves vs LeicesterO 2.5 Goals2.1
2022-10-22Nottingham vs LiverpoolHome13.0
2022-10-22Manchester City vs BrightonO 3.5 Goals2.26
2022-10-19Brentford vs ChelseaHome5.44
2022-10-19Manchester Utd vs TottenhamBTTS No2.5
2022-10-16Leeds vs ArsenalHome6.12
2022-10-16Liverpool vs Manchester CityBTTS No2.88
2022-10-16Liverpool vs Manchester CityHome4.05
2022-10-10Nottingham vs Aston VillaO 2.5 Goals2.12
2022-10-09Everton vs Manchester UtdHome3.71
2022-10-09Arsenal vs LiverpoolBTTS No2.75
2022-10-09West Ham vs FulhamAway4.75
2022-10-09Crystal Palace vs LeedsAway3.76
2022-10-08Manchester City vs SouthamptonHome1.16
2022-10-08Bournemouth vs LeicesterHome3.56
2022-10-01Bournemouth vs BrentfordO 3.5 Goals3.7
2022-10-01Crystal Palace vs ChelseaHome4.75
2022-09-18Everton vs West HamU 1.5 Goals3.45
2022-09-18Brentford vs ArsenalHome4.5
2022-09-17Newcastle vs BournemouthAway8.0
2022-09-17Tottenham vs LeicesterHome1.53
2022-09-10Fulham vs ChelseaHome4.62
2022-09-10Southampton vs BrentfordAway3.22
2022-09-04Manchester Utd vs ArsenalBTTS No2.55
2022-09-03Chelsea vs West HamAway6.7
2022-09-03Everton vs LiverpoolHome8.5
2022-09-03Everton vs LiverpoolU 2.5 Goals2.5
2022-09-03Aston Villa vs Manchester CityHome9.0
2022-09-01Leicester vs Manchester UtdHome3.48
2022-08-31Manchester City vs NottinghamAway46.0
2022-08-31Manchester City vs NottinghamU 3.5 Goals2.37
2022-08-31West Ham vs TottenhamBTTS No2.3
2022-08-30Leeds vs EvertonAway3.5
2022-08-30Southampton vs ChelseaHome6.11
2022-08-28Nottingham vs TottenhamHome7.3
2022-08-28Aston Villa vs West HamAway3.25
2022-08-27Manchester City vs Crystal PalaceBTTS Yes2.21
2022-08-27Southampton vs Manchester UtdBTTS No2.5
2022-08-27Southampton vs Manchester UtdHome4.5
2022-08-27Liverpool vs BournemouthBTTS Yes2.88
2022-08-27Brighton vs LeedsBTTS No2.2
2022-08-22Manchester Utd vs LiverpoolBTTS No2.6
2022-08-22Manchester Utd vs LiverpoolHome5.5
2022-08-21Newcastle vs Manchester CityHome9.5
2022-08-21West Ham vs BrightonAway3.29
2022-08-21Leeds vs ChelseaHome6.23
2022-08-20Bournemouth vs ArsenalHome8.5
2022-08-15Liverpool vs Crystal PalaceHome1.24
2022-08-14Nottingham vs West HamHome4.4
2022-08-14Chelsea vs TottenhamBTTS No2.2
2022-08-13Manchester City vs BournemouthBTTS Yes3.2
2022-08-13Manchester City vs BournemouthDraw14.5
2022-08-13Manchester City vs BournemouthU 2.5 Goals3.2
2022-08-13Southampton vs LeedsAway3.48
2022-08-13Brentford vs Manchester UtdHome4.04
2022-08-13Wolves vs FulhamAway3.3
2022-08-07Manchester Utd vs BrightonAway6.12
2022-08-07West Ham vs Manchester CityHome9.6
2022-08-06Bournemouth vs Aston VillaHome3.91
2022-08-06Fulham vs LiverpoolHome12.5
2022-08-06Everton vs ChelseaHome6.0
2022-08-06Everton vs ChelseaO 2.5 Goals2.05
2022-08-06Tottenham vs SouthamptonHome1.39
2022-08-05Crystal Palace vs ArsenalHome4.58
2022-05-22Manchester City vs Aston VillaBTTS Yes2.33
2022-05-22Manchester City vs Aston VillaHome1.19
2022-05-22Arsenal vs EvertonAway9.94
2022-05-22Crystal Palace vs Manchester UtdBTTS No2.45
2022-05-22Crystal Palace vs Manchester UtdHome3.17
2022-05-22Liverpool vs WolvesU 3.5 Goals1.83
2022-05-22Burnley vs NewcastleU 1.5 Goals3.75
2022-05-22Norwich vs TottenhamU 2.5 Goals2.82
2022-05-22Brentford vs LeedsBTTS No2.7
2022-05-22Leicester vs SouthamptonBTTS No2.7
2022-05-19Chelsea vs LeicesterAway9.25
2022-05-19Chelsea vs LeicesterBTTS Yes2.25
2022-05-19Everton vs Crystal PalaceAway4.5
2022-05-17Southampton vs LiverpoolAway1.44
2022-05-17Southampton vs LiverpoolBTTS No2.51
2022-05-16Newcastle vs ArsenalHome4.5
2022-05-15Wolves vs NorwichHome1.5
2022-05-15Aston Villa vs Crystal PalaceAway3.75
2022-05-15West Ham vs Manchester CityHome8.5
2022-05-11Wolves vs Manchester CityHome14.0
2022-05-11Watford vs EvertonHome4.5
2022-05-08Norwich vs West HamHome4.68
2022-05-08Manchester City vs NewcastleBTTS Yes2.45
2022-05-07Liverpool vs TottenhamBTTS No2.25
2022-05-07Chelsea vs WolvesAway10.75
2022-04-30Leeds vs Manchester CityHome11.0
2022-04-30Newcastle vs LiverpoolHome8.5
2022-04-24Burnley vs WolvesAway2.95
2022-04-24Liverpool vs EvertonU 1.5 Goals6.5
2022-04-23Manchester City vs WatfordBTTS Yes2.74
2022-04-23Manchester City vs WatfordHome1.13
2022-04-23Leicester vs Aston VillaHome2.89
2022-04-20Manchester City vs BrightonBTTS Yes2.55
2022-04-17West Ham vs BurnleyBTTS Yes2.01
2022-04-17West Ham vs BurnleyHome1.78
2022-04-17Newcastle vs LeicesterBTTS Yes1.84
2022-04-16Watford vs BrentfordAway2.65
2022-04-16Watford vs BrentfordO 2.5 Goals2.24
2022-04-10Brentford vs West HamAway2.88
2022-04-10Leicester vs Crystal PalaceBTTS Yes1.78
2022-04-10Manchester City vs LiverpoolBTTS No2.45
2022-04-10Manchester City vs LiverpoolU 1.5 Goals4.5
2022-04-09Watford vs LeedsAway2.7
2022-04-09Everton vs Manchester UtdHome4.74
2022-04-06Burnley vs EvertonHome2.75
2022-04-03West Ham vs EvertonU 1.5 Goals3.77
2022-04-02Leeds vs SouthamptonAway2.94
2022-04-02Leeds vs SouthamptonBTTS No2.7
2022-04-02Liverpool vs WatfordHome1.15
2022-04-02Liverpool vs WatfordU 2.5 Goals3.55
2022-04-02Burnley vs Manchester CityDraw6.81
2022-04-02Burnley vs Manchester CityU 2.5 Goals2.47
2022-04-02Chelsea vs BrentfordHome1.38
2022-04-02Manchester Utd vs LeicesterAway6.4
2022-03-19Aston Villa vs ArsenalAway2.44
2022-03-16Arsenal vs LiverpoolBTTS No2.4
2022-03-16Arsenal vs LiverpoolHome4.1
2022-03-14Crystal Palace vs Manchester CityHome11.0
2022-03-13West Ham vs Aston VillaAway3.55
2022-03-13Arsenal vs LeicesterAway6.5
2022-03-13Leeds vs NorwichAway6.0
2022-03-12Brentford vs BurnleyAway3.83
2022-03-12Brighton vs LiverpoolHome6.56
2022-03-10Norwich vs ChelseaDraw5.85
2022-03-10Leeds vs Aston VillaAway2.68
2022-03-10Leeds vs Aston VillaBTTS No2.5
2022-03-07Tottenham vs EvertonAway6.09
2022-03-06Watford vs ArsenalAway1.65
2022-03-05Burnley vs ChelseaU 1.5 Goals3.5
2022-03-05Leicester vs LeedsO 2.5 Goals1.61
2022-03-05Aston Villa vs SouthamptonAway3.2
2022-02-26Manchester Utd vs WatfordHome1.38
2022-02-26Crystal Palace vs BurnleyAway4.45
2022-02-26Everton vs Manchester CityHome11.5
2022-02-26Brighton vs Aston VillaAway3.41
2022-02-26Leeds vs TottenhamAway2.01
2022-02-25Southampton vs NorwichAway6.2
2022-02-23Watford vs Crystal PalaceAway2.45
2022-02-20Wolves vs LeicesterU 1.5 Goals3.5
2022-02-19Liverpool vs NorwichAway29.0
2022-02-19Crystal Palace vs ChelseaHome5.75
2022-02-19Brighton vs BurnleyHome1.81
2022-02-12Brentford vs Crystal PalaceAway3.05
2022-02-12Everton vs LeedsAway3.35
2022-02-09Manchester City vs BrentfordBTTS Yes2.5
2022-02-08Burnley vs Manchester UtdU 1.5 Goals3.9
2022-01-23Leicester vs BrightonDraw3.55
2022-01-22Manchester Utd vs West HamAway4.0
2022-01-22Brentford vs WolvesAway2.63
2022-01-22Brentford vs WolvesO 2.5 Goals2.66
2022-01-19Leicester vs TottenhamHome3.22
2022-01-19Brentford vs Manchester UtdHome5.1
2022-01-18Brighton vs ChelseaHome5.2
2022-01-16Liverpool vs BrentfordBTTS Yes2.2
2022-01-16West Ham vs LeedsHome1.7
2022-01-15Aston Villa vs Manchester UtdAway2.52
2022-01-11Everton vs LeicesterAway3.05
2022-01-03Manchester Utd vs WolvesAway6.28
2022-01-03Manchester Utd vs WolvesU 1.5 Goals3.6
2022-01-02Brentford vs Aston VillaAway2.55
2022-01-02Leeds vs BurnleyAway3.95
2022-01-02Everton vs BrightonDraw3.35
2022-01-01Arsenal vs Manchester CityBTTS No2.38
2022-01-01Arsenal vs Manchester CityHome6.45
2022-01-01Watford vs TottenhamHome5.65
2021-12-30Everton vs NewcastleAway5.2
2021-12-29Brentford vs Manchester CityBTTS Yes2.47
2021-12-29Brentford vs Manchester CityHome20.0
2021-12-28Crystal Palace vs NorwichAway6.5
2021-12-28Leicester vs LiverpoolO 3.5 Goals2.23
2021-12-27Newcastle vs Manchester UtdHome7.2
2021-12-26Norwich vs ArsenalHome8.3
2021-12-26Brighton vs BrentfordAway4.36
2021-12-26Manchester City vs LeicesterBTTS Yes2.15
2021-12-26Aston Villa vs ChelseaHome5.75
2021-12-19Wolves vs ChelseaHome7.0
2021-12-19Newcastle vs Manchester CityBTTS Yes2.35
2021-12-19Newcastle vs Manchester CityHome23.0
2021-12-19Tottenham vs LiverpoolHome5.65
2021-12-18Southampton vs BrentfordAway3.96
2021-12-18West Ham vs NorwichAway9.8
2021-12-18Leeds vs ArsenalBTTS No2.38
2021-12-18Leeds vs ArsenalHome4.0
2021-12-16Liverpool vs NewcastleBTTS Yes2.35
2021-12-16Liverpool vs NewcastleHome1.15
2021-12-16Leicester vs TottenhamAway3.4
2021-12-16Chelsea vs EvertonBTTS Yes2.48
2021-12-15Arsenal vs West HamU 1.5 Goals4.23
2021-12-14Manchester City vs LeedsU 3.5 Goals1.96
2021-12-14Norwich vs Aston VillaAway2.37
2021-12-12Crystal Palace vs EvertonAway3.62
2021-12-11Manchester City vs WolvesBTTS Yes2.66
2021-12-11Arsenal vs SouthamptonAway5.62
2021-12-11Norwich vs Manchester UtdHome7.3
2021-12-10Brentford vs WatfordAway3.7
2021-12-06Everton vs ArsenalAway2.28
2021-12-05Manchester Utd vs Crystal PalaceAway6.5
2021-12-05Tottenham vs NorwichAway8.5
2021-12-04West Ham vs ChelseaHome5.23
2021-12-04Newcastle vs BurnleyDraw3.6
2021-12-04Watford vs Manchester CityHome17.5
2021-12-02Tottenham vs BrentfordAway5.6
2021-12-02Manchester Utd vs ArsenalAway3.84
2021-12-02Manchester Utd vs ArsenalBTTS No2.35
2021-12-01Aston Villa vs Manchester CityHome10.0
2021-12-01Watford vs ChelseaHome11.0
2021-12-01West Ham vs BrightonDraw3.8
2021-12-01Southampton vs LeicesterAway3.09
2021-12-01Everton vs LiverpoolHome8.4
2021-12-01Everton vs LiverpoolO 3.5 Goals2.65
2021-11-30Newcastle vs NorwichAway4.3
2021-11-28Brentford vs EvertonO 2.5 Goals2.28
2021-11-28Leicester vs WatfordAway5.73
2021-11-20Leicester vs ChelseaHome4.91
2021-11-20Liverpool vs ArsenalBTTS No2.4
2021-11-20Watford vs Manchester UtdHome6.51
2021-11-07West Ham vs LiverpoolBTTS No2.72
2021-11-07West Ham vs LiverpoolHome4.8
2021-11-07West Ham vs LiverpoolO 3.5 Goals2.33
2021-11-07Everton vs TottenhamAway2.52
2021-11-07Everton vs TottenhamO 3.5 Goals3.8
2021-11-07Leeds vs LeicesterAway2.6
2021-11-06Manchester Utd vs Manchester CityHome4.9
2021-11-06Brentford vs NorwichAway6.1
2021-10-31Norwich vs LeedsBTTS No2.38
2021-10-31Aston Villa vs West HamAway2.55
2021-10-30Leicester vs ArsenalAway3.0
2021-10-30Watford vs SouthamptonO 3.5 Goals3.4
2021-10-24Brentford vs LeicesterO 3.5 Goals3.55
2021-10-24Manchester Utd vs LiverpoolAway2.36
2021-10-24Manchester Utd vs LiverpoolO 3.5 Goals2.63
2021-10-23Brighton vs Manchester CityHome8.6
2021-10-23Leeds vs WolvesAway2.98
2021-10-22Arsenal vs Aston VillaAway4.23
2021-10-16Southampton vs LeedsAway3.11
2021-10-16Southampton vs LeedsBTTS No2.6
2021-10-16Watford vs LiverpoolHome9.5
2021-10-16Leicester vs Manchester UtdHome3.6
2021-10-16Manchester City vs BurnleyBTTS Yes2.55
2021-10-16Brentford vs ChelseaHome6.75
2021-10-03Tottenham vs Aston VillaO 2.5 Goals2.1
2021-10-03Liverpool vs Manchester CityBTTS No2.6
2021-10-02Leeds vs WatfordAway4.9
2021-10-02Manchester Utd vs EvertonAway7.5
2021-09-26Southampton vs WolvesO 3.5 Goals4.1
2021-09-25Chelsea vs Manchester CityU 1.5 Goals3.46
2021-09-25Manchester Utd vs Aston VillaAway8.5
2021-09-25Brentford vs LiverpoolHome7.5
2021-09-25Leeds vs West HamBTTS No2.7
2021-09-19Tottenham vs ChelseaHome5.29
2021-09-19West Ham vs Manchester UtdHome4.84
2021-09-18Aston Villa vs EvertonAway3.2
2021-09-18Liverpool vs Crystal PalaceHome1.24
2021-09-18Norwich vs WatfordAway3.6
2021-09-12Leeds vs LiverpoolBTTS No2.63
2021-09-12Leeds vs LiverpoolHome4.85
2021-09-11Manchester Utd vs NewcastleAway17.0
2021-09-11Watford vs WolvesHome3.55
2021-09-11Watford vs WolvesU 1.5 Goals3.0
2021-09-11Chelsea vs Aston VillaBTTS Yes2.5
2021-09-11Brentford vs BrightonHome2.99
2021-09-11Leicester vs Manchester CityHome6.15
2021-08-29Burnley vs LeedsAway2.42
2021-08-28Brighton vs EvertonO 3.5 Goals4.6
2021-08-28Norwich vs LeicesterHome4.7
2021-08-28Manchester City vs ArsenalAway13.75
2021-08-28Liverpool vs ChelseaBTTS No2.15
2021-08-28West Ham vs Crystal PalaceHome1.63
2021-08-28Newcastle vs SouthamptonO 3.5 Goals3.25
2021-08-22Southampton vs Manchester UtdHome5.75
2021-08-22Wolves vs TottenhamAway2.55
2021-08-22Wolves vs TottenhamO 3.5 Goals4.5
2021-08-22Arsenal vs ChelseaHome5.05
2021-08-21Leeds vs EvertonBTTS No2.55
2021-08-21Leeds vs EvertonU 1.5 Goals4.76
2021-08-21Manchester City vs NorwichAway31.0
2021-08-21Manchester City vs NorwichBTTS Yes2.46
2021-08-21Manchester City vs NorwichU 3.5 Goals2.03
2021-08-21Aston Villa vs NewcastleAway4.4
2021-08-21Crystal Palace vs BrentfordAway2.98
2021-08-21Brighton vs WatfordAway6.0
2021-08-15Newcastle vs West HamO 3.5 Goals3.6
2021-08-15Tottenham vs Manchester CityAway1.68
2021-08-14Chelsea vs Crystal PalaceBTTS Yes2.65
2021-08-14Watford vs Aston VillaHome3.42
2021-08-14Manchester Utd vs LeedsAway6.18
2021-08-14Everton vs SouthamptonU 1.5 Goals3.56
2021-08-14Norwich vs LiverpoolHome9.7
2021-08-13Brentford vs ArsenalHome4.36
2021-05-23Sheffield Utd vs BurnleyBTTS No2.45
2021-05-23Arsenal vs BrightonAway5.5
2021-05-23Leicester vs TottenhamAway3.5
2021-05-23Wolves vs Manchester UtdBTTS No2.5
2021-05-23Wolves vs Manchester UtdU 1.5 Goals4.55
2021-05-23Leeds vs West BromBTTS No2.63
2021-05-23Aston Villa vs ChelseaHome7.0
2021-05-23Liverpool vs Crystal PalaceAway20.0
2021-05-23Liverpool vs Crystal PalaceU 3.5 Goals1.96
2021-05-23Fulham vs NewcastleAway3.5
2021-05-23Fulham vs NewcastleBTTS No2.6
2021-05-23Fulham vs NewcastleU 2.5 Goals2.38
2021-05-19Crystal Palace vs ArsenalHome6.57
2021-05-19Tottenham vs Aston VillaAway6.45
2021-05-19Burnley vs LiverpoolHome12.0
2021-05-19Burnley vs LiverpoolU 3.5 Goals1.99
2021-05-19Newcastle vs Sheffield UtdAway5.0
2021-05-19Newcastle vs Sheffield UtdBTTS No2.1
2021-05-18Southampton vs LeedsAway2.5
2021-05-18Southampton vs LeedsBTTS No2.9
2021-05-18Chelsea vs LeicesterU 1.5 Goals3.4
2021-05-18Brighton vs Manchester CityAway1.56
2021-05-18Manchester Utd vs FulhamHome1.44
2021-05-16Crystal Palace vs Aston VillaU 1.5 Goals3.73
2021-05-16West Brom vs LiverpoolHome15.0
2021-05-16West Brom vs LiverpoolU 3.5 Goals1.91
2021-05-14Newcastle vs Manchester CityAway1.34
2021-05-13Aston Villa vs EvertonAway2.78
2021-05-11Southampton vs Crystal PalaceAway3.48
2021-05-09Wolves vs BrightonU 1.5 Goals2.9
2021-05-09Aston Villa vs Manchester UtdU 1.5 Goals4.52
2021-05-08Liverpool vs SouthamptonU 2.5 Goals2.83
2021-05-08Sheffield Utd vs Crystal PalaceHome3.03
2021-05-08Sheffield Utd vs Crystal PalaceU 1.5 Goals3.01
2021-05-08Leeds vs TottenhamBTTS No2.55
2021-05-02Manchester Utd vs LiverpoolHome2.88
2021-05-02Tottenham vs Sheffield UtdHome1.33
2021-05-01Crystal Palace vs Manchester CityHome11.25
2021-05-01Everton vs Aston VillaAway4.1
2021-04-25Leeds vs Manchester UtdBTTS No2.5
2021-04-25Leeds vs Manchester UtdHome4.1
2021-04-25Leeds vs Manchester UtdU 2.5 Goals2.52
2021-04-24Sheffield Utd vs BrightonU 1.5 Goals3.0
2021-04-24West Ham vs ChelseaHome4.94
2021-04-24Liverpool vs NewcastleAway12.81
2021-04-24Liverpool vs NewcastleU 2.5 Goals2.46
2021-04-22Leicester vs West BromAway6.25
2021-04-21Aston Villa vs Manchester CityHome9.1
2021-04-20Chelsea vs BrightonU 1.5 Goals3.52
2021-04-19Leeds vs LiverpoolBTTS No2.63
2021-04-19Leeds vs LiverpoolHome4.9
2021-04-17Newcastle vs West HamHome4.0
2021-04-17Wolves vs Sheffield UtdHome1.73
2021-04-12Brighton vs EvertonAway3.51
2021-04-12West Brom vs SouthamptonO 3.5 Goals4.0
2021-04-11Sheffield Utd vs ArsenalHome6.5
2021-04-11Tottenham vs Manchester UtdBTTS No2.25
2021-04-10Manchester City vs LeedsHome1.33
2021-04-10Liverpool vs Aston VillaAway6.85
2021-04-10Crystal Palace vs ChelseaHome7.5
2021-04-10Crystal Palace vs ChelseaU 1.5 Goals3.41
2021-04-09Fulham vs WolvesDraw3.24
2021-04-04Manchester Utd vs BrightonU 1.5 Goals3.8
2021-04-04Newcastle vs TottenhamHome6.0
2021-04-03Leicester vs Manchester CityHome7.25
2021-04-03Leeds vs Sheffield UtdHome1.58
2021-04-03Chelsea vs West BromU 2.5 Goals2.26
2021-03-20Brighton vs NewcastleU 1.5 Goals3.15
2021-03-19Fulham vs LeedsBTTS No2.15
2021-03-19Fulham vs LeedsU 1.5 Goals3.83
2021-03-15Wolves vs LiverpoolHome5.2
2021-03-14Manchester Utd vs West HamU 1.5 Goals4.0
2021-03-14Leicester vs Sheffield UtdHome1.58
2021-03-13Leeds vs ChelseaBTTS No2.2
2021-03-13Leeds vs ChelseaU 1.5 Goals4.5
2021-03-10Manchester City vs SouthamptonHome1.25
2021-03-07Liverpool vs FulhamDraw5.9
2021-03-07Liverpool vs FulhamU 2.5 Goals2.37
2021-03-07Manchester City vs Manchester UtdHome1.55
2021-03-06Burnley vs ArsenalU 1.5 Goals3.82
2021-03-06Brighton vs LeicesterAway2.91
2021-03-06Sheffield Utd vs SouthamptonHome3.71
2021-03-04Liverpool vs ChelseaAway3.28
2021-03-04Liverpool vs ChelseaBTTS No2.38
2021-03-03Crystal Palace vs Manchester UtdHome8.0
2021-03-03Burnley vs LeicesterHome4.5
2021-03-03Sheffield Utd vs Aston VillaU 1.5 Goals3.26
2021-03-02Manchester City vs WolvesHome1.22
2021-02-28Tottenham vs BurnleyBTTS No2.04
2021-02-28Sheffield Utd vs LiverpoolHome8.11
2021-02-28Chelsea vs Manchester UtdHome2.36
2021-02-27Leeds vs Aston VillaBTTS No2.7
2021-02-27West Brom vs BrightonHome4.32
2021-02-27Manchester City vs West HamHome1.28
2021-02-27Newcastle vs WolvesU 1.5 Goals3.0
2021-02-23Leeds vs SouthamptonAway3.6
2021-02-23Leeds vs SouthamptonBTTS No2.63
2021-02-21Aston Villa vs LeicesterBTTS No2.4
2021-02-21Arsenal vs Manchester CityHome7.0
2021-02-21West Ham vs TottenhamO 3.5 Goals3.7
2021-02-20Liverpool vs EvertonAway7.4
2021-02-20Liverpool vs EvertonU 1.5 Goals4.99
2021-02-17Everton vs Manchester CityHome9.0
2021-02-15West Ham vs Sheffield UtdU 1.5 Goals3.43
2021-02-14West Brom vs Manchester UtdHome10.5
2021-02-14West Brom vs Manchester UtdU 1.5 Goals5.71
2021-02-14Arsenal vs LeedsBTTS No2.6
2021-02-14Arsenal vs LeedsU 1.5 Goals5.25
2021-02-13Manchester City vs TottenhamHome1.37
2021-02-13Leicester vs LiverpoolBTTS No2.5
2021-02-13Leicester vs LiverpoolHome3.74
2021-02-08Leeds vs Crystal PalaceAway4.42
2021-02-08Leeds vs Crystal PalaceBTTS No2.45
2021-02-07Liverpool vs Manchester CityBTTS No2.5
2021-02-07Sheffield Utd vs ChelseaHome7.7
2021-02-06Burnley vs BrightonDraw3.36
2021-02-06Newcastle vs SouthamptonO 3.5 Goals3.75
2021-02-06Aston Villa vs ArsenalAway2.75
2021-02-06Aston Villa vs ArsenalBTTS No2.55
2021-02-03Leeds vs EvertonAway3.0
2021-02-03Leeds vs EvertonBTTS No2.7
2021-02-03Fulham vs LeicesterHome4.35
2021-02-03Aston Villa vs West HamAway3.55
2021-02-03Aston Villa vs West HamBTTS No2.6
2021-02-03Burnley vs Manchester CityDraw7.0
2021-02-03Burnley vs Manchester CityU 2.5 Goals2.58
2021-02-02Manchester Utd vs SouthamptonAway7.0
2021-02-02Sheffield Utd vs West BromHome2.0
2021-02-02Wolves vs ArsenalU 1.5 Goals3.2
2021-02-02Newcastle vs Crystal PalaceU 1.5 Goals3.2
2021-01-31West Ham vs LiverpoolHome4.7
2021-01-31Chelsea vs BurnleyAway10.0
2021-01-31Chelsea vs BurnleyU 1.5 Goals4.36
2021-01-31Leicester vs LeedsBTTS No2.5
2021-01-30Southampton vs Aston VillaBTTS No2.6
2021-01-30Southampton vs Aston VillaU 1.5 Goals4.63
2021-01-30Crystal Palace vs WolvesAway2.89
2021-01-30Manchester City vs Sheffield UtdHome1.17
2021-01-30Manchester City vs Sheffield UtdU 2.5 Goals2.82
2021-01-28Tottenham vs LiverpoolHome3.45
2021-01-26Southampton vs ArsenalBTTS no2.15
2021-01-26Southampton vs ArsenalU 1.5 Goals3.69
2021-01-26Newcastle vs LeedsBTTS no2.4

what do the frog stars mean?

The frog stars denote the amount of confidence the frog the gambler model has in each of the selections. The four star gold bets are the most confident selections and the one star bets are the least confident.

The confidence level in each of the selections is based around the expected profit given by the model. Every prediction is given a frog rating from 1 to 4 stars, with the four star bets being designated as "gold bets".

Future performance cannot be guaranteed based on results recorded to date. The star ratings could be used as an additional tool to help guide gamblers as to where the value might lie.

what are frog stakes?

Instead of using flat stakes staking exactly the same amount on an odds on team as a 100/1 outsider frog stakes were designed to allow for different amounts to be staked depending on the betting odds available. This method helps smooth out profits and losses over time.

If a selection is above even money (2.0) frog stakes an amount calculated to win 1 unit. If the selection is on or below even money frog stakes 1 unit.

For example:

  • If Liverpool are 1.7 to beat West Ham frog stakes would be 1 unit (because Liverpool are on or below 2.0)
  • If West Ham are 5.0 to beat Liverpool frog stakes would be 0.25 units (if West Ham win return would be (0.25 units * 5.0)-1 unit = 1 unit)

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From the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga, right down to the lowest non-league divisions, frog works around the clock 24/7/365 to provide sports fans with the latest and most comprehensive online sports betting companion.

Transparent and thorough performance analysis of every single pick made is an essential part of what we do. Historical results for countries, leagues, and against individual sportsbooks are shown throughout the FTG platform.

frog the gambler is the essential resource for value-conscious sports-bettors with an interest in optimising their betting performance and beating the sportsbooks.

It is free for everyone.

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