Italy - Serie B betting performance history

Performance is measured on odds available with advised bookmaker at time tip is first posted.

betting performance frog stakes for Italy - Serie B

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all gold picks for Italy - Serie B

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Date Fixture Selection Odds
2024-05-10Reggiana vs ParmaDraw3.52
2024-05-05Parma vs CremoneseBTTS No2.45
2024-05-05Ternana vs CatanzaroBTTS No2.45
2024-05-05Ternana vs CatanzaroU 1.5 Goals4.5
2024-05-01Cremonese vs PisaAway4.75
2024-05-01Sudtirol vs TernanaU 1.5 Goals2.9
2024-05-01Reggiana vs ModenaAway2.89
2024-04-19Reggiana vs CosenzaDraw3.15
2024-04-13Sampdoria vs SudtirolBTTS Yes2.24
2024-04-06Reggiana vs CittadellaDraw3.14
2024-04-05Bari vs CremoneseU 1.5 Goals3.1
2024-04-01Como vs SudtirolBTTS Yes2.42
2024-04-01Modena vs BariDraw3.3
2024-03-16Reggiana vs SpeziaDraw3.1
2024-03-09Catanzaro vs ReggianaDraw3.3
2024-03-09Spezia vs SudtirolBTTS Yes2.38
2024-03-03Cittadella vs PisaBTTS Yes2.12
2024-03-03Cittadella vs PisaO 2.5 Goals2.53
2024-03-02Sudtirol vs LeccoO 3.5 Goals5.2
2024-02-27Reggiana vs SudtirolBTTS Yes2.25
2024-02-24Brescia vs ReggianaBTTS Yes2.21
2024-02-24FeralpiSalo vs AscoliBTTS Yes2.17
2024-02-24Sudtirol vs BariO 2.5 Goals3.1
2024-02-24Pisa vs VeneziaO 3.5 Goals3.9
2024-02-24Cremonese vs PalermoBTTS No2.3
2024-02-17Catanzaro vs SudtirolBTTS Yes2.32
2024-02-10Cittadella vs ParmaBTTS Yes2.15
2024-02-10Cittadella vs ParmaO 2.5 Goals2.54
2024-02-10Sudtirol vs VeneziaBTTS Yes2.19
2024-02-04Ascoli vs SudtirolBTTS Yes2.39
2024-02-03Reggiana vs FeralpiSaloBTTS Yes2.07
2024-02-03Cosenza vs PisaBTTS Yes2.17
2024-02-02Palermo vs BariDraw3.48
2024-01-28Cittadella vs SampdoriaBTTS Yes2.2
2024-01-27Bari vs ReggianaBTTS Yes2.23
2024-01-27Venezia vs TernanaO 3.5 Goals2.88
2024-01-20Spezia vs CremoneseU 1.5 Goals4.1
2024-01-20Brescia vs SudtirolBTTS Yes2.4
2024-01-13Pisa vs ReggianaBTTS Yes2.3
2024-01-13Cittadella vs PalermoO 2.5 Goals2.38
2023-12-26Sampdoria vs BariBTTS Yes2.17
2023-12-26Palermo vs CremoneseAway2.8
2023-12-23Cittadella vs SpeziaO 2.5 Goals2.6
2023-12-23Sudtirol vs ReggianaO 2.5 Goals2.86
2023-12-16Modena vs CittadellaDraw3.1
2023-12-09Bari vs SudtirolBTTS Yes2.44
2023-12-03Brescia vs SampdoriaDraw3.2
2023-10-28Spezia vs CosenzaAway4.4
2023-10-28Como vs CatanzaroDraw3.45
2023-10-01Palermo vs SudtirolDraw3.87
2023-10-01Sampdoria vs CatanzaroAway3.6
2023-09-23Ternana vs SudtirolAway3.51
2023-09-23Ternana vs SudtirolU 1.5 Goals3.1
2023-09-16Pisa vs BariU 1.5 Goals3.11
2023-09-03Ternana vs BariAway2.92
2023-09-02Sudtirol vs AscoliU 1.5 Goals2.65
2023-08-30Catanzaro vs SpeziaHome3.13
2023-08-29Ascoli vs FeralpiSaloU 1.5 Goals3.1
2023-08-27Catanzaro vs TernanaHome2.35
2023-08-18Bari vs PalermoDraw3.25
2023-06-02Bari vs SudtirolDraw3.4
2023-05-29Sudtirol vs BariU 1.5 Goals2.64
2023-05-19Genoa vs BariU 1.5 Goals3.51
2023-05-13Benevento vs ModenaDraw3.4
2023-05-13Ascoli vs CosenzaU 1.5 Goals3.1
2023-05-13Frosinone vs GenoaBTTS No2.05
2023-05-13Frosinone vs GenoaDraw3.32
2023-05-06Ternana vs SudtirolU 1.5 Goals3.15
2023-05-01Ascoli vs PisaU 1.5 Goals2.9
2023-05-01Como vs PalermoDraw3.55
2023-04-23Pisa vs BariU 1.5 Goals2.74
2023-04-22Frosinone vs SudtirolU 1.5 Goals2.9
2023-04-16Ternana vs PisaU 1.5 Goals3.17
2023-04-10Benevento vs SpalDraw3.34
2023-04-01Cagliari vs SudtirolDraw3.41
2023-04-01Cosenza vs PisaU 1.5 Goals2.94
2023-03-18Frosinone vs CosenzaHome1.38
2023-03-11Cittadella vs PalermoDraw3.15
2023-03-05Brescia vs CagliariAway2.6
2023-03-05Brescia vs CagliariBTTS No1.93
2023-03-05Ascoli vs BariU 1.5 Goals2.95
2023-02-11Venezia vs SpalAway4.57
2023-02-03Modena vs CagliariAway2.92
2023-01-28Genoa vs PisaU 1.5 Goals3.1
2023-01-28Bari vs PerugiaO 2.5 Goals2.41
2022-12-18Genoa vs FrosinoneU 1.5 Goals3.0
2022-11-27Brescia vs SpalDraw3.61
2022-11-26Parma vs ModenaU 1.5 Goals3.65
2022-11-05Benevento vs BariU 1.5 Goals3.29
2022-10-22Ternana vs GenoaBTTS No2.2
2022-10-16Perugia vs SudtirolU 1.5 Goals3.1
2022-10-15Parma vs RegginaU 1.5 Goals3.4
2022-10-15Cosenza vs GenoaHome6.24
2022-10-15Cosenza vs GenoaU 1.5 Goals3.45
2022-10-08Pisa vs ParmaO 3.5 Goals4.2
2022-10-08Reggina vs CosenzaU 1.5 Goals3.1
2022-10-02Benevento vs AscoliAway4.08
2022-09-17Ascoli vs ParmaU 1.5 Goals3.5
2022-09-17Cagliari vs BariDraw3.74
2022-09-17Como vs SpalAway3.13
2022-09-10Parma vs TernanaAway5.75
2022-09-10Pisa vs RegginaAway3.85
2022-09-03Frosinone vs ComoAway4.94
2022-09-03Genoa vs ParmaU 1.5 Goals3.57
2022-09-03Ternana vs CosenzaAway4.75
2022-08-28Perugia vs BariU 1.5 Goals3.1
2022-08-27Modena vs TernanaBTTS Yes1.85
2022-08-27Modena vs TernanaO 2.5 Goals2.11
2022-08-21Pisa vs ComoBTTS Yes1.79
2022-08-20Perugia vs ParmaU 1.5 Goals3.2
2022-08-20Genoa vs BeneventoAway4.66
2022-08-14Benevento vs CosenzaAway8.0
2022-08-14Modena vs FrosinoneO 3.5 Goals4.4
2022-05-06Brescia vs RegginaU 2.5 Goals2.0
2022-05-06Ascoli vs TernanaBTTS No2.3
2022-05-06Como vs CremoneseHome5.75
2022-04-30Reggina vs ComoU 1.5 Goals3.6
2022-04-18Spal vs CrotoneDraw3.54
2022-04-06Parma vs ComoBTTS Yes2.1
2022-04-05Ternana vs LecceDraw3.1
2022-03-20Perugia vs ComoBTTS Yes2.14
2022-03-20L.R. Vicenza vs AscoliAway3.3
2022-03-19Parma vs LecceDraw3.43
2022-03-15Brescia vs BeneventoDraw3.48
2022-03-13Pisa vs CremoneseDraw3.16
2022-03-06Crotone vs AlessandriaDraw3.36
2022-02-23Crotone vs CosenzaU 1.5 Goals3.11
2022-02-16Benevento vs AscoliAway5.6
2022-01-23L.R. Vicenza vs CittadellaAway2.46
2022-01-22Alessandria vs BeneventoBTTS No2.25
2022-01-16L.R. Vicenza vs AlessandriaAway2.83
2022-01-16Pordenone vs LecceHome4.81
2022-01-16Spal vs BeneventoAway2.4
2022-01-15Cremonese vs ComoBTTS Yes2.05
2022-01-15Pisa vs FrosinoneDraw3.36
2022-01-15Reggina vs BresciaAway2.51
2022-01-14Ternana vs AscoliBTTS Yes2.0
2021-12-18Frosinone vs SpalDraw3.83
2021-12-12L.R. Vicenza vs ComoAway3.12
2021-12-11Monza vs FrosinoneDraw3.48
2021-12-11Pisa vs LecceDraw3.3
2021-11-30Cremonese vs FrosinoneDraw3.16
2021-11-27Brescia vs PisaO 3.5 Goals3.5
2021-11-06Alessandria vs TernanaAway2.37
2021-11-06Alessandria vs TernanaBTTS No2.55
2021-11-01Benevento vs BresciaAway3.76
2021-11-01Benevento vs BresciaBTTS No2.6
2021-11-01Spal vs PerugiaBTTS No2.1
2021-11-01Spal vs PerugiaU 1.5 Goals3.37
2021-10-28Cittadella vs ParmaBTTS No2.38
2021-10-28Cittadella vs ParmaU 1.5 Goals3.94
2021-10-27L.R. Vicenza vs MonzaAway2.39
2021-10-24Pisa vs PordenoneHome1.58
2021-10-23Lecce vs PerugiaBTTS No2.25
2021-10-23Lecce vs PerugiaU 1.5 Goals3.9
2021-10-23Brescia vs CremoneseBTTS No2.5
2021-10-22Alessandria vs CrotoneO 3.5 Goals3.8
2021-10-03Pordenone vs L.R. VicenzaBTTS Yes2.1
2021-10-03Brescia vs ComoO 3.5 Goals3.25
2021-10-02Frosinone vs CittadellaDraw3.43
2021-09-26Parma vs PisaO 3.5 Goals3.8
2021-09-26L.R. Vicenza vs CremoneseAway2.73
2021-09-25Cosenza vs CrotoneHome3.79
2021-09-25Reggina vs FrosinoneDraw3.27
2021-09-22Ternana vs ParmaBTTS Yes1.86
2021-09-22Ternana vs ParmaO 2.5 Goals2.14
2021-09-22Cremonese vs PerugiaU 1.5 Goals3.45
2021-09-21Benevento vs CittadellaAway4.2
2021-09-20Frosinone vs BresciaDraw3.26
2021-09-19Parma vs CremoneseAway4.48
2021-09-18Cittadella vs PordenoneBTTS No2.05
2021-09-18Perugia vs CosenzaHome1.96
2021-09-17Brescia vs CrotoneO 2.5 Goals1.77
2021-09-17Como vs FrosinoneBTTS No2.2
2021-09-11Como vs AscoliO 2.5 Goals2.21
2021-09-11Crotone vs RegginaDraw3.3
2021-09-11Ternana vs PisaO 2.5 Goals2.28
2021-08-29Cittadella vs CrotoneHome2.4
2021-08-29Lecce vs ComoO 2.5 Goals1.97
2021-08-29Spal vs PordenoneU 1.5 Goals3.27
2021-08-27Pisa vs AlessandriaO 3.5 Goals4.1
2021-08-27Brescia vs CosenzaHome1.6
2021-08-22Crotone vs ComoAway5.5
2021-08-22Ascoli vs CosenzaBTTS No2.05
2021-08-22Ascoli vs CosenzaHome1.65
2021-08-22Benevento vs AlessandriaDraw3.95
2021-08-22Benevento vs AlessandriaU 1.5 Goals3.65
2021-08-20Frosinone vs ParmaHome3.25
2021-08-20Frosinone vs ParmaO 3.5 Goals4.27
2021-05-20Lecce vs VeneziaDraw3.55
2021-05-13Cittadella vs BresciaDraw3.1
2021-05-10Spal vs CremoneseBTTS Yes2.6
2021-05-10L.R. Vicenza vs ReggianaBTTS No2.25
2021-05-10Chievo vs AscoliBTTS Yes2.6
2021-05-10Pescara vs SalernitanaHome13.25
2021-05-10Pescara vs SalernitanaU 2.5 Goals2.38
2021-05-10Empoli vs LecceAway3.64
2021-05-10Empoli vs LecceBTTS No2.4
2021-05-10Cittadella vs VeneziaU 1.5 Goals3.75
2021-05-01Cosenza vs PescaraU 1.5 Goals3.08
2021-04-20Frosinone vs PisaDraw3.1
2021-04-20Ascoli vs EmpoliDraw3.3
2021-04-17Pisa vs CosenzaBTTS No2.45
2021-04-17Pisa vs CosenzaDraw3.45
2021-04-17Salernitana vs VeneziaHome2.94
2021-04-17Salernitana vs VeneziaU 1.5 Goals2.94
2021-04-17Reggina vs ReggianaHome2.24
2021-04-17Reggina vs ReggianaU 1.5 Goals3.05
2021-04-17L.R. Vicenza vs LecceDraw3.26
2021-04-11Venezia vs CosenzaBTTS Yes2.06
2021-04-11Venezia vs CosenzaDraw3.46
2021-04-10Frosinone vs CittadellaU 1.5 Goals3.07
2021-04-05Salernitana vs FrosinoneDraw3.02
2021-04-05Pordenone vs EntellaDraw3.17
2021-04-02Brescia vs PordenoneBTTS No2.01
2021-04-02Frosinone vs ReggianaU 1.5 Goals3.15
2021-03-21Reggina vs ChievoU 1.5 Goals2.88
2021-03-21Salernitana vs BresciaU 1.5 Goals3.44
2021-03-20L.R. Vicenza vs PescaraDraw3.23
2021-03-16Venezia vs LecceDraw3.3
2021-03-16Cosenza vs L.R. VicenzaBTTS Yes2.03
2021-03-13L.R. Vicenza vs EmpoliAway2.43
2021-03-12Spal vs EntellaBTTS Yes2.37
2021-03-07Reggiana vs LecceU 1.5 Goals3.6
2021-03-02L.R. Vicenza vs CremoneseDraw3.08
2021-03-02Reggina vs EmpoliDraw3.0
2021-02-27Entella vs BresciaO 2.5 Goals2.1
2021-02-27Pescara vs LecceAway2.15
2021-02-21Reggina vs PordenoneU 1.5 Goals2.93
2021-02-21Lecce vs CosenzaDraw3.72
2021-02-20L.R. Vicenza vs SpalDraw3.2
2021-02-20Pisa vs EmpoliDraw3.4
2021-02-14Brescia vs ChievoAway2.51
2021-02-09Spal vs PordenoneDraw3.2
2021-02-09Spal vs PordenoneU 2.5 Goals1.74
2021-02-09L.R. Vicenza vs MonzaDraw3.5
2021-02-06Monza vs EmpoliDraw3.24
2021-02-06Cremonese vs PisaBTTS Yes2.05
2021-02-06Salernitana vs ChievoDraw3.15
2021-02-05Lecce vs AscoliBTTS Yes2.02
2021-01-29L.R. Vicenza vs VeneziaDraw3.0

what do the frog stars mean?

The frog stars denote the amount of confidence the frog the gambler model has in each of the selections. The four star gold bets are the most confident selections and the one star bets are the least confident.

The confidence level in each of the selections is based around the expected profit given by the model. Every prediction is given a frog rating from 1 to 4 stars, with the four star bets being designated as "gold bets".

Future performance cannot be guaranteed based on results recorded to date. The star ratings could be used as an additional tool to help guide gamblers as to where the value might lie.

what are frog stakes?

Instead of using flat stakes staking exactly the same amount on an odds on team as a 100/1 outsider frog stakes were designed to allow for different amounts to be staked depending on the betting odds available. This method helps smooth out profits and losses over time.

If a selection is above even money (2.0) frog stakes an amount calculated to win 1 unit. If the selection is on or below even money frog stakes 1 unit.

For example:

  • If Liverpool are 1.7 to beat West Ham frog stakes would be 1 unit (because Liverpool are on or below 2.0)
  • If West Ham are 5.0 to beat Liverpool frog stakes would be 0.25 units (if West Ham win return would be (0.25 units * 5.0)-1 unit = 1 unit)

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