South America - Copa Sudamericana betting performance history

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Date Fixture Selection Odds
2024-06-05Tomayapo vs InternacionalHome10.0
2024-05-30Fortaleza vs Sportivo TrinidenseBTTS Yes2.88
2024-05-30Danubio vs Rayo ZulianoDraw8.5
2024-05-30Danubio vs Rayo ZulianoU 2.5 Goals2.7
2024-05-30Boca Juniors vs Nacional PotosiAway46.0
2024-05-30Boca Juniors vs Nacional PotosiBTTS Yes4.0
2024-05-29Delfin vs TomayapoU 1.5 Goals4.0
2024-05-29Lanus vs CuiabaAway5.0
2024-05-17Sportivo Luqueno vs BragantinoU 1.5 Goals3.5
2024-05-16Cuiaba vs Deportivo GarcilasoAway12.0
2024-05-15Ameliano vs Rayo ZulianoAway51.0
2024-05-15Ameliano vs Rayo ZulianoBTTS Yes4.1
2024-05-15Nacional Potosi vs Sportivo TrinidenseAway13.0
2024-05-15Belgrano vs TomayapoAway29.0
2024-05-15Belgrano vs TomayapoBTTS Yes3.45
2024-05-15Lanus vs MetropolitanosAway36.0
2024-05-15Lanus vs MetropolitanosBTTS Yes3.35
2024-05-10Bragantino vs Racing ClubU 1.5 Goals3.75
2024-05-10Universidad Catolica vs Union La CaleraAway8.71
2024-05-09Nacional Potosi vs FortalezaDraw3.76
2024-05-09Cuiaba vs MetropolitanosAway13.0
2024-05-09Sportivo Trinidense vs Boca JuniorsBTTS Yes2.43
2024-05-08Rayo Zuliano vs Athletico ParanaenseU 1.5 Goals3.9
2024-04-26Delfin vs InternacionalU 2.5 Goals1.73
2024-04-25Bragantino vs Sportivo LuquenoU 1.5 Goals4.5
2024-04-24Sportivo Trinidense vs Nacional PotosiDraw4.33
2024-04-12Coquimbo vs Sportivo LuquenoU 1.5 Goals3.1
2024-04-12Cruzeiro vs AlianzaBTTS Yes3.0
2024-04-11Union La Calera vs Universidad CatolicaU 1.5 Goals3.1
2024-04-11Lanus vs Deportivo GarcilasoAway13.0
2024-04-11Internacional vs TomayapoBTTS Yes4.4
2024-04-11Internacional vs TomayapoU 3.5 Goals2.05
2024-04-10Defensa y Justicia vs Always ReadyBTTS Yes2.46
2024-04-10Fortaleza vs Nacional PotosiU 2.5 Goals3.4
2024-04-10Athletico Paranaense vs Rayo ZulianoBTTS Yes3.0
2024-04-10Boca Juniors vs Sportivo TrinidenseBTTS Yes2.45
2024-04-05Universidad Catolica vs CruzeiroBTTS No2.38
2024-04-05Always Ready vs Independiente MedellinU 2.5 Goals2.55
2024-04-05Sportivo Luqueno vs Racing ClubU 2.5 Goals2.03
2024-04-04Deportivo Garcilaso vs MetropolitanosAway8.5
2024-04-04Bragantino vs CoquimboAway10.0
2024-04-03Rayo Zuliano vs DanubioU 1.5 Goals3.4
2024-03-08Ameliano vs Olimpia AsuncionHome5.1
2024-03-06Deportivo Garcilaso vs ADT TarmaAway3.0
2024-03-06Deportivo Garcilaso vs ADT TarmaBTTS No2.2
2023-08-31Fortaleza vs America MGO 3.5 Goals4.2
2023-08-30Defensa y Justicia vs Botafogo RJDraw3.2
2023-08-23Corinthians vs Estudiantes de La PlataO 2.5 Goals2.81
2023-08-10Sao Paulo vs San LorenzoU 1.5 Goals3.1
2023-08-04Nublense vs LDU QuitoDraw3.4
2023-07-20San Lorenzo vs Independiente MedellinU 1.5 Goals2.88
2023-07-19Botafogo RJ vs PatronatoU 2.5 Goals2.09
2023-07-13Nublense vs Audax ItalianoAway3.6
2023-06-30Botafogo RJ vs MagallanesBTTS Yes2.8
2023-06-29Universitario de Deportes vs Club de Gimnasia y Esgrima La PlataBTTS No1.8
2023-06-29Guarani vs HuracanBTTS No2.0
2023-06-28Bragantino vs TacuaryBTTS Yes3.8
2023-06-28Bragantino vs TacuaryU 2.5 Goals3.25
2023-06-28Estudiantes de La Plata vs Oriente PetroleroBTTS Yes4.33
2023-06-28Estudiantes de La Plata vs Oriente PetroleroDraw29.0
2023-06-28Estudiantes de La Plata vs Oriente PetroleroU 2.5 Goals5.0
2023-06-27San Lorenzo vs Estudiantes MeridaBTTS No1.4
2023-06-27San Lorenzo vs Estudiantes MeridaU 2.5 Goals2.3
2023-06-09Cesar Vallejo vs MagallanesO 3.5 Goals3.65
2023-06-08Emelec vs GuaraniAway4.42
2023-06-08Blooming vs Audax ItalianoHome4.5
2023-06-08Oriente Petrolero vs TacuaryBTTS No2.1
2023-06-07Tigre vs Puerto CabelloAway18.0
2023-06-07Tigre vs Puerto CabelloBTTS Yes2.65
2023-06-06Estudiantes Merida vs FortalezaHome11.0
2023-05-26Oriente Petrolero vs BragantinoHome10.5
2023-05-25Danubio vs GuaraniAway5.0
2023-05-25Blooming vs Newells Old BoysHome6.0
2023-05-25Tacuary vs Estudiantes de La PlataBTTS Yes2.75
2023-05-24Fortaleza vs San LorenzoDraw3.51
2023-05-05Audax Italiano vs BloomingAway8.5
2023-05-05Fortaleza vs Estudiantes MeridaBTTS Yes3.0
2023-05-03Palestino vs San LorenzoU 1.5 Goals2.75
2023-05-03Newells Old Boys vs SantosU 1.5 Goals2.38
2023-05-02Huracan vs DanubioBTTS Yes2.45
2023-04-21Botafogo RJ vs Cesar VallejoBTTS Yes2.7
2023-04-20Santos vs Audax ItalianoAway8.5
2023-04-20San Lorenzo vs FortalezaDraw3.15
2023-04-20LDU Quito vs MagallanesAway9.0
2023-04-19Palestino vs Estudiantes MeridaBTTS Yes2.16
2023-04-19Sao Paulo vs Puerto CabelloAway21.0
2023-04-19Sao Paulo vs Puerto CabelloU 2.5 Goals2.55
2023-04-19Estudiantes de La Plata vs TacuaryBTTS Yes3.25
2023-04-18Bragantino vs Oriente PetroleroBTTS Yes2.62
2023-04-07Tacuary vs BragantinoHome10.0
2023-04-06Club de Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata vs Universitario de DeportesAway9.0
2023-04-05Millonarios vs Defensa y JusticiaU 1.5 Goals3.0
2023-04-05Oriente Petrolero vs Estudiantes de La PlataHome5.5
2023-04-05Blooming vs SantosHome7.15
2022-10-01Sao Paulo vs Independiente del ValleAway5.5
2022-09-09Sao Paulo vs Atletico Clube GoianienseAway10.0
2022-09-09Sao Paulo vs Atletico Clube GoianienseBTTS Yes2.63
2022-09-01Independiente del Valle vs FBC MelgarDraw3.87
2022-07-07Santos vs Deportivo TachiraBTTS Yes2.5
2022-06-30Deportivo Cali vs FBC MelgarAway6.5
2022-06-30Deportivo Cali vs FBC MelgarU 1.5 Goals3.1
2022-06-30Deportivo Tachira vs SantosHome3.83
2022-06-29The Strongest vs CearaDraw3.5
2022-05-27Oriente Petrolero vs FluminenseHome9.0
2022-05-27Oriente Petrolero vs FluminenseU 1.5 Goals4.4
2022-05-25Internacional vs Nueve de OctubreBTTS Yes3.1
2022-05-25Lanus vs MetropolitanosAway18.0
2022-05-25Lanus vs MetropolitanosBTTS Yes2.4
2022-05-25Sao Paulo vs AyacuchoBTTS Yes2.88
2022-05-24Santos vs BanfieldBTTS Yes3.0
2022-05-20Sao Paulo vs WilstermannBTTS Yes3.05
2022-05-19Independiente vs La GuairaAway31.0
2022-05-19Independiente vs La GuairaBTTS Yes3.75
2022-05-18Junior vs Oriente PetroleroBTTS Yes3.75
2022-05-06Universidad Catolica vs SantosBTTS Yes2.35
2022-05-05Union de Santa Fe vs Oriente PetroleroAway17.0
2022-05-05Union de Santa Fe vs Oriente PetroleroBTTS Yes2.55
2022-05-04Metropolitanos vs WanderersU 1.5 Goals3.2
2022-04-29Union La Calera vs SantosU 1.5 Goals3.2
2022-04-14Union La Calera vs BanfieldU 1.5 Goals2.9
2022-04-13Independiente vs General Caballero JLMBTTS Yes2.55
2022-04-08Barcelona SC vs WanderersU 1.5 Goals3.1
2022-04-08Metropolitanos vs LanusHome6.0
2022-04-08Ayacucho vs Sao PauloHome5.25
2022-04-07Cuiaba vs FBC MelgarO 3.5 Goals4.1
2022-04-07Nueve de Octubre vs InternacionalHome4.75
2022-04-07River Plate vs Racing ClubHome4.55
2022-04-06Fluminense vs Oriente PetroleroAway34.0
2022-04-06Fluminense vs Oriente PetroleroBTTS Yes3.1
2022-04-05Universidad Catolica vs Union La CaleraBTTS Yes2.35
2022-03-18Guabira vs WilstermannBTTS No2.39
2022-03-16Union La Calera vs NublenseDraw3.4
2022-03-08Sol de America vs General Caballero JLMBTTS No2.23
2022-03-08Sol de America vs General Caballero JLMU 1.5 Goals3.95
2021-10-01Athletico Paranaense vs PenarolBTTS Yes2.26
2021-08-19Athletico Paranaense vs LDU QuitoBTTS Yes2.25
2021-08-17Bragantino vs Rosario CentralHome1.67
2021-08-12LDU Quito vs Athletico ParanaenseBTTS Yes2.2
2021-08-12LDU Quito vs Athletico ParanaenseO 3.5 Goals4.4
2021-07-22Bragantino vs Independiente del ValleO 2.5 Goals2.19
2021-07-22Independiente vs SantosU 1.5 Goals2.75
2021-07-15Independiente del Valle vs BragantinoDraw3.47
2021-05-28FBC Melgar vs MetropolitanosAway8.27
2021-05-28Athletico Paranaense vs AucasAway10.5
2021-05-28La Equidad vs GremioAway3.9
2021-05-28Lanus vs AraguaAway21.0
2021-05-28Lanus vs AraguaBTTS Yes2.45
2021-05-27Wilstermann vs CearaBTTS No2.4
2021-05-27Corinthians vs River PlateAway10.0
2021-05-27Sport Huancayo vs PenarolHome10.5
2021-05-27Sport Huancayo vs PenarolU 1.5 Goals4.1
2021-05-27Huachipato vs San LorenzoAway3.9
2021-05-27Arsenal Sarandi vs BolivarAway8.0
2021-05-26Deportes Tolima vs BragantinoHome4.33
2021-05-26Independiente vs GuabiraBTTS Yes2.75
2021-05-26Bahia vs Montevideo CityU 1.5 Goals3.44
2021-05-21Aragua vs GremioU 2.5 Goals2.53
2021-05-21Guabira vs Montevideo CityHome4.24
2021-05-21Corinthians vs Sport HuancayoAway10.25
2021-05-20Aucas vs MetropolitanosAway8.0
2021-05-14River Plate vs Sport HuancayoU 1.5 Goals4.0
2021-05-13Bolivar vs WilstermannBTTS No2.25
2021-05-13Guabira vs BahiaHome7.9
2021-05-11Bragantino vs EmelecDraw3.8
2021-05-11Metropolitanos vs Athletico ParanaenseHome8.07
2021-05-11Metropolitanos vs Athletico ParanaenseU 1.5 Goals3.56
2021-05-06Gremio vs AraguaAway17.75
2021-05-05Palestino vs Newells Old BoysO 3.5 Goals3.95
2021-05-05Bolivar vs CearaDraw4.5
2021-04-29Corinthians vs PenarolDraw4.06
2021-04-29FBC Melgar vs AucasO 3.5 Goals3.8
2021-04-22Guabira vs IndependienteHome6.1
2021-04-22Bolivar vs Arsenal SarandiHome1.35
2021-04-22Gremio vs La EquidadHome1.54
2021-04-21Aucas vs Athletico ParanaenseO 3.5 Goals3.7
2021-04-07Huachipato vs AntofagastaBTTS No2.25
2021-04-07Huachipato vs AntofagastaU 1.5 Goals3.8

what do the frog stars mean?

The frog stars denote the amount of confidence the frog the gambler model has in each of the selections. The four star gold bets are the most confident selections and the one star bets are the least confident.

The confidence level in each of the selections is based around the expected profit given by the model. Every prediction is given a frog rating from 1 to 4 stars, with the four star bets being designated as "gold bets".

Future performance cannot be guaranteed based on results recorded to date. The star ratings could be used as an additional tool to help guide gamblers as to where the value might lie.

what are frog stakes?

Instead of using flat stakes staking exactly the same amount on an odds on team as a 100/1 outsider frog stakes were designed to allow for different amounts to be staked depending on the betting odds available. This method helps smooth out profits and losses over time.

If a selection is above even money (2.0) frog stakes an amount calculated to win 1 unit. If the selection is on or below even money frog stakes 1 unit.

For example:

  • If Liverpool are 1.7 to beat West Ham frog stakes would be 1 unit (because Liverpool are on or below 2.0)
  • If West Ham are 5.0 to beat Liverpool frog stakes would be 0.25 units (if West Ham win return would be (0.25 units * 5.0)-1 unit = 1 unit)

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